Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Analysis and critique of contemporary western curriculum theorists in religious ‎and spiritual education and its manifestation in the curriculum theory    Ph.D    Seifi, Ali    2018-09-05
2    implications of soulful curriculum based on miller's View for primary education of the islamic republic of iran    Ph.D    baraei, ali    2018-07-25
3    Pedagogy Inspired by Contemplative Consciousness : An Analysis of the Neurophenomenological contemplative Practice in    Ph.D    mahdavi, zeinab    2018-07-04
4    Identification and application of the core of the Islamic education system based on the approach of the typology of religious propositions; the resolve eclecticism and the gap between theory and practice    Ph.D    ghosuri, rokhsare    2018-05-29
5    Explanation and metodologhical criticizing of integration approach in moral education with emphasis on narvaez viewpoint    Ph.D    hatamigoroh, emad    2018-01-09
6    Implications of Curriculum Theory development Based on Neurophenomenology    Ph.D    Hooshmand, Alireza    2017-11-13
7    Description the education based on dialogue with the Islamic approach and, criticizing the field of social and political education in the theoretical foundations of the document on the fundamental transformation of education on the basis of it.    Ph.D    rajaei, maliheh    2017-07-01
8    The inseparability of the elements of experience in the teaching – Learning environments: the transition from the churchland’s neuro philosophy to the Varela’s neuro phenomenology    Ph.D    sharafi, hosein    2017-02-28
9    Empowering by Dissertation Supervision: Lived Experiences of PhD Candidates at the Faculty of Education and Psychology of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    shakori, saeed    2017-02-27
10    The Consistency of Power and Hidayat in Islamic Education: Imam Khomeini’s View on the Relationship between Politics and Education    Ph.D    hematifar, mojtaba    2016-01-11
11    Transdisciplinary approach to neuroeducation curriculum of higher education in the Islamic Republic of Iran    Ph.D    babadi, amin    2015-05-10
12    embodiment learning: a neurophenomenology approach in learning and instruction    Ph.D    babaei, bijan    2015-02-17
13    phenomenological approach to research ethics: the lived experience of doctoral students at Ferdowsi university of mashhad.    M.Sc.    lotfi, maliheh    2014-06-25
14    the Moral Education of Sarvar Children Based on Islamic Teachings (Verses and Hadiths)    Ph.D    movahedi parsa, fatemeh    2014-05-05
15    Philosophy of teacher education change process in Iran    Ph.D    davarpanah, aboosaeed    2014-04-29
16    Explaining the Knowledge of Educational Technology Based on the Approaches of Technology Philosophy with Emphasis on Habermas's Critical Theory    Ph.D    abdollahi arfa, mohammad    2014-01-20
17    Criticizing Philosophical Foundations of Education In Iran According to Avicena Approach about the educated man    Ph.D    sohbatlo, ali    2014-01-15
18    Imagination Oriented Education: a philosophical analysis of the Maxine Greene's perspective    Ph.D    abdoli, afsaneh    2014-01-13
19    The Explanation of How to Change Theoretical and Practical Knowledge of Elementary School Teachers in Implementation of New Mathematics Curriculum and its Achievements for Their In-Service Curriculum    Ph.D    zarghani, azam    2014-01-06
20    The Professional Ethics of Teaching: Consideration on David Carr’s and Allama Tabatabaie’s Views    Ph.D    Amini Mashhadi, Samaneh    2012-07-28
21    the strategies for guiding graduate students’ theses and dissertations in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (analyzing the current status and demonstrating the optimal one)    M.Sc.    mohamadzadeghasr, azam    2012-06-26
22    : research ethics, the Ph.D. dissertations, the rights of participants, Citation, research reports.    M.Sc.    bahman abadi, somaye    2012-05-02
23    Classroom Profile on Heidegger's View Focusing on Dasein Existentials: Studying and Criticizing    Ph.D    Abutorabi, Rozita    2012-03-12
24    Designing a model of teacher education curriculum based on knowledge architecture in Iran    Ph.D    shokohifard, hoosain    2011-11-21
25    professional portfolios and heuristic: higher education curriculum:    Ph.D    Ahanchian, Narges    2011-11-14
26    A critical study of spiritual Education in the contemporary world: a comparison between religious and emerging approaches in education    Ph.D    baghgoli, hossein    2011-10-03
27    Prerequisites of Complexity Paradigm Inspired Educational Theory    Ph.D    mohammadi chaboki, reza    2011-06-26
28    the grounded theopry oh hidden curriculum iv Iran higher education    Ph.D    Karamati, Ensi    2011-03-13