Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    the grounded theopry oh hidden curriculum iv Iran higher education    Ph.D    Karamati, Ensi    2011-03-13
2    Prerequisites of Complexity Paradigm Inspired Educational Theory    Ph.D    mohammadi chaboki, reza    2011-06-26
3    A critical study of spiritual Education in the contemporary world: a comparison between religious and emerging approaches in education    Ph.D    baghgoli, hossein    2011-10-03
4    professional portfolios and heuristic: higher education curriculum:    Ph.D    Ahanchian, Narges    2011-11-14
5    Designing a model of teacher education curriculum based on knowledge architecture in Iran    Ph.D    shokohifard, hoosain    2011-11-21
6    Classroom Profile on Heidegger's View Focusing on Dasein Existentials: Studying and Criticizing    Ph.D    Abutorabi, Rozita    2012-03-12
7    : research ethics, the Ph.D. dissertations, the rights of participants, Citation, research reports.    M.Sc.    bahman abadi, somaye    2012-05-02
8    the strategies for guiding graduate students’ theses and dissertations in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (analyzing the current status and demonstrating the optimal one)    M.Sc.    mohamadzadeghasr, azam    2012-06-26
9    the study of virtues in ethics of teaching: Carr`s and Allame Tabatabaiee\\\'s views    Ph.D    Amini Mashhadi, Samaneh    2012-07-28
10    The Explanation of How to Change Theoretical and Practical Knowledge of Elementary School Teachers in Implementation of New Mathematics Curriculum and its Achievements for Their In-Service Curriculum    Ph.D    zarghani, azam    2014-01-06
11    Education based imagination: Philosophical Investigation of Maxine Greene's view    Ph.D    abdoli, afsaneh    2014-01-13
12    Criticizing Philosophical Foundations of Education In Iran According to Avicena Approach about the educated man    Ph.D    sohbatlo, ali    2014-01-15
13    Explaining the Knowledge of Educational Technology Based on the Approaches of Technology Philosophy with Emphasis on Habermas's Critical Theory    Ph.D    abdollahi arfa, mohammad    2014-01-20
14    Philosophy of teacher education change process in Iran    Ph.D    davarpanah, aboosaeed    2014-04-29
15    the Moral Education of Sarvar Children Based on Islamic Teachings (Verses and Hadiths)    Ph.D    movahedi parsa, fatemeh    2014-05-05
16    phenomenological approach to research ethics: the lived experience of doctoral students at Ferdowsi university of mashhad.    M.Sc.    lotfi, maliheh    2014-06-25
17    embodiment learning: a neurophenomenology approach in learning and instruction    Ph.D    babaei, bijan    2015-02-17
18    Transdisciplinary approach to neuroeducation curriculum of higher education in the Islamic Republic of Iran    Ph.D    babadi, amin    2015-05-10
19    The Consistency of Power and Hidayat in Islamic Education: Imam Khomeini’s View on the Relationship between Politics and Education    Ph.D    hematifar, mojtaba    2016-01-11
20    empowerment in process of thesis supervision: the lived Experiences of doctoral students in academice yers 91-93 in faculty of education and psychology at ferdowsi university of mashhad    M.Sc.    shakori, saeed    2017-02-27
21    The inseparability of the elements of experience in the teaching – Learning environments: the transition from the churchland’s neuro philosophy to the Varela’s neuro phenomenology    Ph.D    sharafi, hosein    2017-02-28
22    Implications of Curriculum Theory development Based on Neurophenomenology    Ph.D    Hooshmand, Alireza    2017-11-13