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Written by bshabani   
Date Place Title of Conference/Seminar Title of paper or presentation
1995 Garmsar National conference of family system and education(Persian) Creativity and parental styles
1995 Tehran National conference of the place of religious education in Iran (Persian Paradoxical status in religious education
1995 Esfehan National conference of the place of primary education (Persian A reflection on teaching approaches to thinking
1996 Tehran National conference of Iranian association of education (Persian) Scientific insight
1998 Mashhad National conference critical thinking and educational system (Persian) education and freedom
2001 Tehran National conference of reformation of educational system in Iran (Persian) The equality of educational opportunity in Iran
15-18 July 2003 Institute of Education University of London International literacy & Research Network Conference on Learning Constructivism and e-learning: complexity, possibilities and limitations(English
June 6-7 2004 Tehran University of Allameh Tabatabaee Teaching Critical Thinking in an Electronic Context: Toward a Virtual Critical Thinking School(English)
August 4 -7 2004 Madrid, Spain, International Network for philosophers of Education, Madrid Qualitative Method and Paramathematics: Toward a Compromise In Educational Research(English)
September 20-25 2004 Crete, Greece European Conference on Educational Research Methodological theory and educational research: a critical approach (English)